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Achieve LEED Certification with SCAFCO

The US Green Building Council, LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the improvement of sustainable design, environmental performance, and economic impact for commercial buildings.

SCAFCO products can contribute to:

  • Construction Waste Management (LEED Credit MR 2 – up to 2 pts.)
    SCAFCO cold-formed steel is 100% recyclable. Therefore, recycling SCAFCO steel scraps contribute to LEED Credits MR2.1 and 2.2 by diverting construction debris from the waste stream.

  • Recycled Content (LEED Credit MR 4 – up to 3 pts.)
    All SCAFCO products are manufactured with minimum 34.9% recycled steel. The below percentages is based on a publication from the Steel Recycling Institute:
    • Total Recycled Content: 34.9%
    • Post-Consumer: 24.3%
    • Pre-Consumer (Post Industrial): 9.4%

  • Regional Materials (LEED Credit MR 5 – up to 2 pts)
    LEED MR 5 Credit requires the project site to be within a 500 mile radius of the manufacturing facility as well as the steel source location. SCAFCO’s strategic manufacturing facilities and steel source locations provide the ability to qualify for the Regional Materials Credit for almost all locations within our distribution territories.

For more information about SCAFCO products and there recycled steel content or you need help with a LEED project, feel free to contact the SCAFCO Technical Department at 509-789-8669, or  fill out the form and we will return your LEED information within one business day.

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