Priceless 'Perfect Curve' Curved Products


There are endless possibilities with SCAFCO Perfect Curve products. Choose your solution for curved walls, circles, soffits, domes, and arched ceilings.

  • Forget about the crimping and splicing.
  • Stop worrying about flat spots and whether there's strength left in the mutilated track.
  • SCAFCO has created a curved track that has high strength values and eye appealing finish.
  • Enhance the designer’s vision with perfect curves and arches while saving yourself time and money.


"SCAFCO’s Perfect Curve products saved us a huge amount of time as well as drastically cut our labor costs. We called and specified the radius and they delivered it in a week, and the materials were perfectly accurate. It was easy to apply, with our finished round soffits totally free of flat spots. You could try to make it yourself but you’ll waste your time — and a lot of energy.”

Cameron Klocow
Supervisor, Morse Drywall & Construction
Whitefish, Montana







Curved Track order form

Curved Wall Track

Where curved walls and suspended walls are required, perfect curve is the best solution available today. This design offers superior strength values that allow for uses in load-bearing walls. Turning curved track on its side allows uses in domes and barreled ceilings and offering structural strength.






Curved Angle order form

Curved Angle

Intended for construction of a smooth curved soffit edge and dropped circular ceilings.


Curved Slotted Track order form

Curved Slotted Track

Designed to accommodate vertical deflection in a curved wall. Available in multiple radii with the option of larger slots for additional movement.



Curved Z Track order form

Curved Z Track 

Works great in multiple planes of drop ceilings and complex radii. Available in a curved leg or a curved web application. 



Arched Track order form

Arched Track 

The perfect solution for arched openings, vaulted ceilings, and arched window framing. It’s also excellent for constructing one-piece soffit faces in ceilings and extruded illuminated ceiling panes.



Features & Benefits

Stronger, quality product

  • SCAFCO Perfect-Curve products are far stronger than walls made from field-cut track.
  • The track is fabricated from mill certified galvanized steel conforming to all applicable ASTM specifications, using precision computer-controlled processes.
  • Every member is assembled by structural riveting process with no built-in stresses.

Saves labor costs

  • Stay away from the labor intensive crimping or cutting track at the job site.
  • Put your labor elsewhere and let SCAFCO promise a perfect curved wall with structural strength and no flat spots.
  • Quick installation, decreases layout time, and reduces project schedule considerably.
  • As soon as it’s delivered, set in place, anchor it down, and you're done.

Available in a variety of sizes with guaranteed accuracy

  • Get matching curves top and bottom within 1/32” in 12 feet.
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses, from 30 mil (20 gauge) to 97 mil (12 gauge) track.
  • SCAFCO will guarantee a solid and unmatched product.

Using SCAFCO Perfect-Curve Wall products assures the architect’s vision is delivered while saving the contractor an immense amount of time over traditional methods.

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Material Composition


  • Material thickness = 30 mil (20 gauge NS)
  • Material thickness = 33 mil (20 gauge S)
  • Material thickness = 43 mil (18 gauge)
  • Material thickness = 54 mil (16 gauge)
  • Material thickness = 68 mil (14 gauge)
  • Material thickness = 97 mil (12 gauge)

Yield Strength

  • ASTM A653/A653M
  • 30, 33, 43 mil: yield strength: 33 ksi
  • 54, 68 , 97 mil: yield strength: 50 ksi

Coating Thickness

  • 30 mil: G-40 hot-dipped galvanized coating 
  • 33, 43, 54 mil: G-60 hot-dipped galvanized coating 
  • 68, 97 mil: G-90 hot-dipped galvanized coating