Slotted Track

SCAFCO Slotted Track is the industry preferred system for achieving head-of-wall deflection and fire resistance for interior and exterior walls. It has met the movement and cycling requirements of ANSI/UL 2079 and is UL Classified for 1, 2, 3, and 4 hour fire-resistant ratings in head-of-wall fire-rated joint systems. 

Specific details and information for each system can be found in the XHBN section of Volume 2 of the UL Fire Resistance Directory.


Standard Slotted Track

Slotted Deep Leg Track

Pitched Slotted Track

Slotted Angle

Slotted Curved Track

Slotted Rake Track


Features & Benefits

  • Fire-rated deflection system
  • UL Classified in over 80 approved fire-rated systems
  • Standard Slotted Track allows up to 1½" of vertical movement
  • Custom shapes and slot sizes available
  • Custom widths and thicknesses available
  • Positive attachment provided for wall strength
  • Absorbs head-of-wall and floor extension or compression movement 
  • Integrated with traditional wall systems
  • Easy installation reduces labor costs

Material Composition

Yield Strength

  • ASTM: A653 / A653M
  • 33, 43 mil: 33 ksi
  • 54, 68, 97 mil: 50 ksi

Coating Thickness

  • 33, 43, 54 mil: G60 galvanized coating
  • 68, 97 mil: G90 galvanized coating
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UL Ratings

UL Head-of-Wall Joint Systems Numbers

HW-D-0003 HW-D-0076 HW-D-0170 HW-D-0241 HW-D-0275 HW-D-0016 HW-D-0077
HW-D-0173 HW-D-0242 HW-D-0277 HW-D-0020 HW-D-0082 HW-D-0183 HW-D-0243
HW-D-0278 HW-D-0021 HW-D-0083 HW-D-0184 HW-D-0246 HW-D-0293 HW-D-0024
HW-D-0084 HW-D-0185 HW-D-0259 HW-D-0313 HW-D-0025 HW-D-0085 HW-D-0186
HW-D-0260 HW-D-0322 HW-D-0029 HW-D-0087 HW-D-0190 HW-D-0263 HW-D-0341
HW-D-0031 HW-D-0088 HW-D-0193 HW-D-0265 HW-D-0034 HW-D-0089 HW-D-0194
HW-D-0271 HW-D-0036 HW-D-0091 HW-D-0195 HW-D-0272 HW-D-0042 HW-D-0099
HW-D-0205 HW-D-0043 HW-D-0101 HW-D-0210 HW-D-0044 HW-D-0102 HW-D-0217
HW-D-0045 HW-D-0106 HW-D-0218 HW-D-0046 HW-D-0107 HW-D-0047 HW-D-0108
HW-D-0048 HW-D-0111 HW-D-0049 HW-D-0134 HW-D-0054 HW-D-0136 HW-D-0062
HW-D-0137 HW-D-0063 HW-D-0144 HW-D-0067 HW-D-0146 HW-D-0068 HW-D-0152
HW-D-0069 HW-D-0154 HW-D-0071 HW-D-0160 HW-D-0162 HW-D-0162 HW-D-0073