BC - Secure Bridge Clip

The secure clip “BC” secures the CRC (Cold Rolled Channel) to the stud resisting lateral movement and twisting of studs in a wall assembly. Pre-punched guide holes are provided in a specific layout accommodating the CRC and stud attachments for superior strength and installation efficiency.

Chamfered corners on one leg are cut for attachment needed for inside the stud cavity. The secure clip “BC” are packaged in rugged buckets for easy handling on the job site.


  • Provides pre-punched guide holes for quick attachment to channel and stud
  • No welding or cutting scrap material required
  • Replaces the expensive traditional method of bracing

Material Composition

  • ASTM A653/A653M
  • Yield strength: 57 ksi
  • G-60 hot dipped galvanized coating
  • Material thickness: 33 mil
  • Material thickness: 54 mil

Allowable Loads

Model No. Min. Stud Thickness (2) #10 Screws
  Mils Gauge F1(lbs) M1(lbs-in)
BC237 33 20 168 155
BC337 33 20 168 332
BC575 54 16 274 1573
BC775 54 16 274 2313

Screw shear values are based on the SSMA Screw Table with the following notes:

  1. The allowable loads are based on the steel properties of the members being connected, per NASPEC with 2004 supplements.
  2. The nominal strength of the screw must be at least 3.75 times the allowable loads.
  3. Values include a 3.0 factor of safety.
  4. Penetration of screws through joined materials should not be less than 3 exposed  threads. Screws should be installed and tightened in accordance with the screw manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Allowable loads indicated on the table(s) are for force in single direction only. If more than one force is applied to the connection, the designer shall provide the combined forces check as required by NASPEC with 2004 supplements.
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Quantity / Order Information

Model No. Material Thickness Length Qty
Mils Gauge
BC237 33 20 2 ⅜” 250 19 40 800
BC337 33 20 3 ⅜” 250 24 40 1000