Serenity RC

Serenity RCSerenity-RC is a premium product and the best cost effective solution for reducing the transmission of airborne sound through walls and ceilings. By separating the drywall from the stud flange, the channel minimizes the direct path by which sound travels through the framing.

SCAFCO’s Serenity-RC was professionally sound tested at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories, one of the leading and longest-standing acoustical testing facilities in the United States. Acoustical testing for the STC performance of Serenity-RC proved the product's ability to provide high-end sound performance for both steel and wood framed assemblies, well above other high-end RC products available.


Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories

Riverbank Acoustical LaboratoriesSound assemblies are constructed, thoroughly inspected and then certified by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories. NVLAP accredited for ASTM E90-09 & E413-10, ISO Certified.

Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories is accredited by the US department of commerce, National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP Lab Code 100227-0) to ISO 17025:2005 laboratory quality management and specific acoustical test standards.


SSA Acoustics

SSA AcousticsSSA Acoustics, a leader in engineering acoustics and multi-family residential design for 17 + years, has conducted extensive testing and research on SCAFCO’s Serenity Resilient Channel.

SSA’s team of acoustical consultants and lab technicians tested Serenity-RC for isolation efficiency, and in-field performance. When comparing the results gathered to those of other products within the industry, the team found that Serenity-RC is the superior product for reducing airborne transmission in walls and ceilings, for both wood and steel assemblies.

Serenity-RC consistently measured better than its competitors in isolation and efficiency tests, both critical to obtaining elevated STC (Sound Transmission Class) performance. SSA’s group of highly qualified consultants continue to research, develop and test the product to ensure it meets all required sound specifications.

The all-around performance of Serenity-RC impressed Bill Stewart the managing partner of SSA Acoustics:

"The superior performance of Serenity-RC in lab and field testing is un-matched. Recommended as our basis of design in all resilient channel applications”

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Profile Features

Serenity-RC has been engineered, with help from the acoustical community, to include the following features that reduce sound transmission through the assembly.

Slot and Hole Pattern

  • 1¼" x 5/16" Slots
  • 3/16" (#8 Screw) Holes
  • Slots and holes are aligned to increase the path that sound must travel through the assembly
  • 2” Slot spacing along the channel allows for wall and ceiling framing at almost any spacing conditions including the typical 12” o.c, 16” o.c, and 24” o.c

Stiffening Ribs

  • 1/16" Raise stiffening ribs
  • Creates seperation and air space between sheathing and framing stud
  • Only 2 points of contact between sheathing and framing stud, decreases area for sound transmission

Serenity Knurling

  • Stiffens attachment flange to create gap between sheathing
  • Aids in positive screw attachment through thin acoustical steel profile