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Architectural Spec Review

SCAFCO steel stud manufacturing provides a three-part guide specification that is current with the 2012 IBC’s including the product data references.

Specifications can quickly become out-of-date and can cause issues in the submittal process and in choosing a qualified manufacturer. Our specification specialists also offer a complementary spec review where they will provide you with recommended language to bring your template spec up to date with currents standards.

Complimentary spec reviews for:

  • 054000 - Division 5 Section on Cold-Formed Metal Framing
  • 091110 - Division 9 Section on Non-Structural Metal Framing
  • 092116 – Division 9 Section on Gypsum Board Assemblies

SCAFCO is dedicated to meet the rising demands in product innovation and cost saving installation methods for the building and construction industry. Implementing SCAFCO’s suggested language can add value to your future projects, improve the performance and help meet completion targets.

For a complimentary specification review, contact us at (509) 343-9000 or e-mail us at

Continuing Education

As an architect, you never stop learning – or earning credits for continuing education.

SCAFCO is here for you!

Through our partnership with AEC Daily, SCAFCO now offers one-hour courses to help you move forward with your studies. With topics from Acoustic Solutions and Fire Wall Design Innovations to Improved Construction Methods for Cold Formed Steel Framing, these courses are…

  • Free: AEC Daily is a free online resource for architects, contractors, and engineers.
  • Convenient: With online self-paced, face-to-face, and live on-demand options, we’ll work around your schedule.
  • Low-stress: Presented in a Lunch & Learn format, these classes allow you to sit back, enjoy a bite to eat, and benefit from our expertise.

Check out the following link, and let SCAFCO support your ongoing education!

SCAFCO Courses on AEC Daily

AEC Daily

AEC Daily is the largest provider of FREE online continuing education to construction professionals. Courses are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and credits are automatically submitted to AIA, USGBC and other organizations. Architects, engineers, interior designers and other construction professionals rely on AEC Daily to maintain their accreditation with ease.

BIM Software

SCAFCO and SSFSA have recently teamed up with StrucSoft solutions to expand our role in BIM services. The Supreme Framing System was added into StrucSoft MWF Pro Wall add-in with their most recent update. Designer’s and drafters now have the ease of specifying Supreme products throughout the drafting process.

Designing with BIM Utilizing SCAFCO Products (32 mins)

Supreme Stud Selector HOW-TO


Visit to learn more about StrucSoft and MWF Pro Wall.

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SCAFCO Supreme Catalog
Supreme Framing System

Complies with 2009/2012 IBC

SSMA Technical Guide 

Complies with 2009/2012 IBC

Steel Framing Catalog

Header & Kwik-Jamb System
Cees and Zees Accessories and Reference Guide
Canada SSMA Technical Guide

Complies with NBCC

SCAFCO Slotted Track Brochure
Slotted Leg Track System
SCAFCO I-Stud Catalog
I-Stud Shaftwall System


SCAFCO Perfect Curve Catalog
Perfect Curve Products


SoundGuard Silent Steel Framing System
SoundGuard Silent Steel Framing System
PLC4 Bypass Deflection Clip
PLC4 Bypass Deflection Clip
Submittal Builder
Submittal Builder
Serenity-RC Catalog
Serenity-RC Sound Channel




Fire & Acoustic Data

A Guide to Fire & Acoustic Data for Cold Formed Steel Floor, Wall & Roof Assemblies

LEED Documents

For Specific Project LEED Letter Request Contact 509-789-8669

Buy American Materials

CFS Design Software

ICC Reports

Shaftwall I-Stud UL's

Shaftwall UL Combined

UL Listing HW D 0401 1hr-2hr

UL Listing HW D 0476 1hr-2hr SLOTTED

UL Listing HW D 0480 1hr-2hr SLOTTED

UL Listing HW-D-0496 1hr-3hr

UL Listing HW-D-0497 1hr-2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0504 2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0525 2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0557 2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0559 1hr-2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0563 2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0584 2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0585 2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0586 2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0598 2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0599 2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0602 1hr-2hr SLOTTED

UL Listing HW-D-0621 1hr-2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0622 1hr-2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0623 1hr-2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0625 2hr

UL Listing HW-D-0631 1hr-2hr

UL Listing HW-D-1081 1hr-2hr

UL Listing HW-D-1085 1hr-2hr

UL Listing U417 1hr-3hr - CertainTEED

UL Listing U497 2hr - National

UL Listing U498 2hr - National

UL Listing U499 1hr - National

UL Listing V451 4hr - National

UL Listing V455 1hr-2hr - American

UL Listing V470 1hr-3hr - CertainTEED

UL Listing V481 1hr-3hr - Lafarge

UL Listing V493 1hr-2hr - Temple

UL U428

UL U429

UL V473

W 414

W 419

W 437

W 446

Industry References

Steel Framing Standards and CAD Details

MSDS Sheets

Galvanized Coatings

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